Apologia: The Fullness of Christian Truth

``Where the Bishop is, there let the multitude of believers be;
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church'' Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D

Quid novi?


Here is where you can find recent site news, announcements, and a listing of the things that have been most recently added (using the site search feature can help you find things you might not have seen before, too).

  • I have a form set up so you can send me feedback anonymously. Please let me know what you think about FishEaters; it lets me know what to focus on next (and if it's good feedback, it keeps me inspired to keep going! I don't get a lot of feedback, links, support, etc., so I sometimes feel as if I'm yelling down a well!): Send Anonymous Feedback Here.

  • Upcoming Pilgrimage:
    Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage
    Where: Rome, Italy 
    When: October 25-27 (the Feast of Christ the King), 2024
    Information here: https://it.summorum-pontificum.org/

Newest site additions:

  • In response to a question on Twitter about how to become a Catholic, I made a page that answers that question: How to Become a Catholic, off the Being Catholic section of the site.

  • I spent a lot of time writing a book for Catholic children. It's "Nonna's Book of Moral Virtues," and it's meant to be read by parents to and with their children. It contains lessons on the Four Cardinal Virtues and each of their associated virtues. Each virtue (except one) is illustrated by fairy tales, stories from the Bible, Aesop's fables, etc., and the book includes games, activities, questions for parents and their children to discuss, and more. You'll find it for free, in pdf format, here.

  • Beefed up The Book of Nature page, adding a bit about the findings of quantum physics and what they mean, and added even more books to the library (a ton more).

  •  More books added to the Catholic Library

  • Added a page, off the "Being Catholic" section, about the Christian concept of "the Book of Nature": The Book of Nature

  • A page on the Spanish Inquisition can be found here: For Protestants Section > The Spanish Inquisition

  •  I added a section to the end of the Lectio Divina page. Index > Being Catholic > Lectio Divina

  • There's a new sub-section of the "Being Catholic" section, an area that focuses on the preternatural world, spiritual warfare, angels, demons, ghosts, etc.:  Index > Being Catholic > The Preternatural World

  • I've added a bunch of Catholic desktop wallpapers and backgrounds. You'll find them here:  Index > Being Catholic > Wallpapers and Backgrounds

  • I added a page on what to do if you're trad -- but your family isn't: Index > For Catholics > I'm Trad, but My Family Isn't! Help!

  • I've added a page called "Conversion of the Heart" -- likely the most important page on this website now. It's located here: :  Index > Being Catholic > Conversion of the Heart

  • I've added a little Catholic Library -- a collection of writings of the Doctors and Saints, plus other writings Catholics might enjoy. Find it here:   Index > Being Catholic > Catholic Library

  • I've added "The Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous" written by Redemptorist priests. It's off the "Sacrament of Penance" page here:  Index > Being Catholic > Sacrament of Penance > The Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous

  • I added a page on how to get the traditional Latin Mass -- the "Extraordinary Form" of the Mass -- offered at your parish. See that here: Index > For Catholics > How to Establish the Traditional Latin Mass in Your Parish

  • A free book for your Kindle -- "The Fisheaters Wham-Bam Thank You, Ma'am Conversion Book." Found here:  Index Page > Free Book for your Kindle

  • Page on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and also The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi: > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs > Feast of St. Francis of Assisi > Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi

  • Article from Life Magazine, January 9, 1950, with pictures of Pope Pius XII celebrating Jubilee. Link at the bottom of the page on Holy Years of Jubilee:  Being Catholic > Holy Years of Jubilee

  • A pdf file of the 22 June 1969 AP article, via the Los Angeles Times, concerning Bugnini on the issue of women and veiling has been put in a footnote on the Index Page > Being Catholic > Veiling page

  • Index Page > For Catholics > On Traditional Catholics, a great, poetic essay written by forum member "WhollyRoamin'Catholic"

  • Index Page > For Catholics > The Decree Lifting the Excommunications of the Four S.S.P.X. Bishops, document on the Bishops of the S.S.P.X.

  • Index Page > For Catholics > The Motu Proprio: Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict XVI's document on the traditional Mass

  • Index Page > For Catholics > The Money Masters, video about our money system and the Federal Reserve (Vox: I messed up earlier and had the video in two parts -- but Parts I and II were the same. These videos have been replaced with a single video. I beg pardon!)

  • Index Page > For Catholics > The Century of the Self, a four-part video miniseries about propaganda, advertising, and other forms of media manipulation and their effects on consumerism, social attitudes, and politics. I also added a few fun videos to the "Fun Stuff" page, just for laffs (with a few gems thrown in)...
  • I've made a page about Catholics and beasties and have put it in the "Being Catholic" section. It includes a sub-section consisting of St. Basil the Great's expository on the Creation, "On the Hexaemeron." I have a feeling this little page will grow as I find more stories of the Saints and animals and such: Index > Being Catholic > Catholics and the Animal World > On the Hexaemeron

  • I added a page about the Four Temperaments to introduce the Four Temperaments personality test that has been at the site for a long time: Index > Being Catholic > The Four Temperaments (the test is no longer accessible through the Fun Stuff page)

  • Via youtube comes this series of what I consider hilarious and well-edited (given obviously sparse equipment) videos about one really neurotic, messed-up woman's (ahem) search for religious truth: Index > Being Catholic > Fun Stuff > Betty Butterfield's Quest for God

  • I've added a section containing Christ's parables. It's, sad to say, skimpy art-wise (I am looking around, trying to find medieval art to use), but the parables are all there -- grouped as thirty-three -- with commentary from the Fathers (or the Catholic Encyclopedia) when available: Index > Being Catholic > The Parables of Lord Christ

  • The longer I am acquainted with the religious, the more I know this story is necessary: The Story of the Two Monks

  • A page about the fascinating Sibyls and their role in Christianity, Christian art, etc., has been added here: Index > Being Catholic > The Sibyls

  • I added the book "The Garbage Generation," by Daniel Amneus, once available at the website Upstream (mugu.com). This book is a must-read for those who deny the importance of patriarchy -- but I will have a few things to say about it in an article I plan to write: Index > For Catholics > The Garbage Generation

  • I am restricting the discussion forum to non-sedevacantist Catholics (and, as always, to any guest who respects such Catholics' sensibilities, speaks of the Holy Father with respect, and obeys the rules of the forum). I'd wanted the forum to be "pan-trad" but am finding that initial premises are too far-reaching in discussions among sedes and non-sedes, and that non-sedes tend to be put on the defense too often, leading to too many conversations about those premises, and too few conversations about actually living the Faith. I was also discouraged by some slurs and little snide remarks against the Holy Father. Though these were kept, in accordance to the rules, in the forum made for "sede vs. non-sede" debate, I simply don't want to provide a place, on my dime, for comments such as these that would flow naturally from sedevacantist premises. Respectful critism of papal actions is sometimes not only warranted, but necessary; disrespect, never giving the benefit of the doubt, and an apparent desire to find problems aren't -- but those who don't believe Benedict XVI is the Pope at all have no motivation to afford him that much.

    Another change: the Zionism forum is now "Read Only" due to problems in keeping troublemakers away. Changed it back so everyone can post; we'll see how long it lasts.

  • Thanks to youtube.com, I am able to present a video of the traditional Mass: Index Page > Being Catholic > Video of the Mass

  • As I did with the pages on Ember Days, I amended the pages on Rogation Days, adding lots of background information and readings: Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs >  Rogation Days

  • Father Apollo Teaches a Lesson about Judging Others

  • I totally beefed up the pages on Ember Days, adding bits to tie things in more clearly with the natural seasons. There is some repetition, as I want each page on each of the Embertides to stand alone, but -- well, you will see: Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs >  Ember Days

  • The most obvious thing that's new is the brilliant art on the index page, created by artist Daniel Mitsui. I love it! Apparently many do, considering what's been said about it at the forum. Mr. Mitsui, I thank God for your talents!

  •  Listen to Ezra Pound read his poem about usury: Index Page > For Catholics > Jewish-Catholic Relations > "With Usura"

  • Encyclicals on slavery added to the following location, just to have them all in one place for when the Church gets blamed for slavery, too: Index Page > For Catholics > Sicut Dudum, Sublimus Dei, In Supremo Apostolatus, In Plurimus, and Catholicae Ecclesiae

  • Index Page > Being Catholic > Roadside Shrines (not a lot of information, but mostly pictures)

  • Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs >  Walpurgisnacht

  • Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs > Queenship of Mary

  • Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs > Feast of St. Lawrence

  • A few days late and a dollar short, but here it is nonetheless: Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs > Septuagesima Sunday and its Vigil

  • Index Page > For Catholics > G. K. Chesterton's "On American Morals"

  • Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs > The Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs > How to make Palm Crosses for Palm Sunday

  • Index Page > Being Catholic > Seasonal Customs > Feast of St. Brigid > How to Make a St. Brigid's Cross

  • So, I've been playing with the front page, as you can see. It looks radically different, but not much has changed, really. Summary of the changes so far:
    • All the apologetics links for Protestants, and the real audio conversion stories, are now on the For Non-Catholic Christians page.

    • All the Catholic links that had been in the two columns on either side of the red boxes on the index page are now on the Offsite Links page.

    • The "Letters, Conversations, Questions, and Comments" page has been re-named "Readers Write."

    • Index Page > Being Catholic > Pilgrimage > added a small section on the Sacred Heart Auto League/"plastic Jesus" phenomenom at the bottom of this page

    • The "About this Site," "Help Wanted," "Link to this Site" pages have been removed, and some of their information incorporated into the "Questions/Comments" page.